Strengthen Immunity

Jade Windscreen 20/20 Tincture

Based on a traditional Chinese herbal formula given to hospital workers during the pandemic, Jade Windscreen 20/20 is tailored to address this particular health crisis.  It strengthens immunity and prepares the body for an encounter with the pathogen.  It creates a clear sentinel response with enhanced immunity. 

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For Clear Nasal Passages

Clear the Gate and Sweep the Walls Tincture

This Chinese herbal tincture is crafted to clear the nose and dispel toxins.  The nose is the gateway to the lungs.  Keeping this entry clear is key to maintaining health.  This tincture is designed, in Chinese medical language, to clear the nasal passages and resolve pathogens at the surface/initial encounter.

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For Clear Nasal Passages

Clear Nose and Dispel Toxins Chinese Herb Tea

Preparation Tea for the Environment of 2020.  This Chinese herbal formula is a skillful combination of two traditional formulas which are widely utilized for dispersing pathogens.  A potent daily teabag version of ‘Clear the Gate and Sweep the Walls’ tincture. 

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Face Masks & Herbal Face Masks Inserts

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Natural Pain Relief

Topical Liniments

Extraordinary Chinese herbal liniments for chronic and acute pain.  Natural solution for stubborn hints and lingering discomfort. Each bottle requires more than 3 months of artisanal preparation of Chinese herbs.

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Our Story

Nine Star Botanicals was founded in 2018 with the goal of producing the highest quality Chinese herbal remedies and skincare. Our customized topical applications and liniments have been specially crafted by experts in Chinese Medicine. 

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