Our values are in the name...Nine Stars!

Each day is requires orientation and reorientation.  The world outside us shifts.  Our internal landscape requires change just as urgently.  Healing comes not from perfection, but from our inner alignment with the world around us.  

Nine Stars offers healing solutions and cultivations for people seeking new alignments and balance in themselves. Our products are informed by the wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine and philosophy.  The solutions are poised to work for your health and wellbeing-inside and out.  

The name Nine Stars reflects the possibility of new alignment. 

Daoist philosophy teaches that each of us is born under the resonance and protection of one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation, Ursa Major.  Our special star protects us and provides patronage throughout life.  Hidden in the Big Dipper's constellation are two "unseen" stars. These stars both instigate change and challenges and provide guidance for the resolution.   The unseen stars are those which turn the pages of our lives.  They stir us to seek healing and clarification of who we can be in our lives.  

All of this informs the creation of Nine Star products. 


Nine Stars Botanicals Production

Nine Stars Botanicals extends the gifts of Chinese herbal medicine.  The products are a result of study, refinement and application of traditional recipes.  Nine Stars Botanicals brings these formulations to modern life to support your health and state of balance.  

Tackling the issues of contemporary life with traditional Chinese herbal wisdom, Nine Stars Botanicals is designing applications which are alternatives to the usual.  These solutions emerge from the gifts of nature and the cultivated wisdom of previous generations of healers.

The consulting team of Diane Gioioso and Evan Rabinowitz are experienced Chinese herbalists, each licensed and in practice for over 23 years.  They have devoted themselves to study of Chinese medicine, with Master Jeffrey Yuen as their teacher and take inspiration from his approach to healing and cultivation. 

Each remedy has been made with the same standards used in clinical practices. All selections of herbs are made using the principles of Chinese medicine, using the highest grade and quality of herbs available (organic, sulfur-free, and wildcrafted as available).   All herbs are rigorously tested in the USA by our suppliers for pesticides and other contaminants.  We only accept herbs which have been analyzed for precise species identification.  (Read about our primary herbal supplier Spring Wind Herbs.)   This quality is our standard in topical and internal formulations.  We would want nothing less for our family or for you.

The craft of making the remedies is approached in small batches, taking the time and effort necessary to make the products vital.  Processing time for some products exceeds 6 months.  Each bottle is attended with intention of healing and invocation of transformation. 


Diane Gioioso has studied Chinese medicine for 25 years and is a licensed acupuncturist in Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Diane has been a long time student of Jeffery Yuen, Daoist priest and foremost teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine.   She formerly served as acupuncture and Chinese herbal doctoral faculty at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH, formerly TAI Sophia).  She passionately teaches Chinese Medicine applied to many areas women's health around the country.  

In 2018, Diane founded Nine Stars Botanicals, a company producing high quality Chinese herbal remedies and skin care.   

Outside the clinic Diane is an active educational consultant, helping to articulate Chinese medical principles to families, groups and businesses.  She has developed curricula and programs to bring Chinese medicine and its applications into Western integrative medical settings and cross-cultural educational settings.